Dear Remi, As we came to close to our journey (only for this session :) ), I want to thank you for everything. I am so glad that I stumbled upon your profile on Instagram and reached out to you. We came a long way from chalking up my tastes assessing wardrobe till online personal shopping, I liked every pice that we picked and once I receive them I am very happy to see that they are of good quality and each and every piece go together for a cohesive wardrobe and with this I won’t pull my hair out what to wear despite having wardrobe full of clothes. I was skeptical at times of spending couple of thousands all at once just for clothes but am very happy with outcome and am happy that i took the leap, instead of roaming around shops spending meaninglessly.

What wowed me is the outfits you picked, I never would have selected them myself but I love them now. Not just online shopping but whenever I have questions or looking for advice you are always there for which is ohh so kind of you. I am excited to start using my new wardrobe and very much looking forward for an in-person session next year. This is not just because you are an awesome stylist which you totally are, but for a kind of person you are — non judgemental when it comes to budget and personal taste, I now know that I can express my doubts/questions freely with without any inhibitions of being judged .

I know you will go places in future and hey then i can tell that she is my stylist too , god bless you dear :)




Hi Remiiiii,

I'm back home and just had to quickly drop this message. I'm so glad I made the decision to come down to the UK, I have no regrets whatsoever. Meeting you is loving you. You have such a warm and loving spirit and that alone makes all the difference. 

Your taste is impeccable and thank you for the meal too. 

I cant wait to be back in April for my summer shop. 

Thank you for giving me value for my money.

Love you girl 


Hi Remi, I just want to say a big thank you for giving me so much value. I'm very pleased with everything we picked and just had to come back to say 'THANK YOU'. I was really nervous going back to work considering how much my body has changed but not anymore.

Lisa also said she enjoyed the consultation and is really excited about her upcoming sessions.

Thank you and see you in July. 

Julie xx


Hi Remy,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you.  Yes I know I paid for the shopping session but girl I feel like you gave me for a token considering the amount of work you put into it.

I can wait to show up at my events and definitely can't wait for you to fix me up real good. My sister just keeps say OMG seeing me in these gorgeous outfits. 

Thank you for following your path honey cos you be saving lives like mine 

See you in May  and my love to your gorgeous baby girl. 

Lucy xx


Hi Remy, 

I hope you're having a great weekend. I have experienced your work I person and online and I can confidently say you are underrated.

What you bring to the table is so different and I can testify to that. 

 My niece asked for your handle on social media and just said to me "Aunty, this lady is soo good" I smiled back and replied "That's an understatement".

This came from an 18-year-old Remi. I can't wait for my closet to be ready. I just sent this email to encourage you to keep up the good work.

You should receive the transfer of £xxxx for the closet consultation tomorrow. 

I love you 


Dear Remi,

Thank you for helping me see the beauty in my struggle. It’s not all glorious yet, but it’s not all hard-knocks either. There is beauty in my scars. You are a part of my success story. I had a good session with you and I went back to replay and marinate on the things we talked about. I feel like a blank slate starting over, but I have the hope to start over. I’m choosing to trust in the courage that made me pay for a session with you in the first place. I didn’t want to us talk as friends - you have given me way more than consultation time when you didn’t even know me. Do you remember? I remember and I wont forget your labor of love.

I just want to say this,

Remi, you are valuable and invaluable. You will always have, because you give. God can trust you. The stones they throw at you are your building blocks, so build on! One day, the stone throwers will bring those blocks to build for you with their very hands. You’ll see. Just stay strong and keep doing you, cos some of us need your smile to keep moving.

Cheers to fulfilling purpose. Cheers to my glory story!

Have a beautiful day.


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