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Personal branding is the conscious and intentional effort to create and influence public perception of an individual. 

On your branding journey, projecting the right image is key. This begs the question; what kind of image are you trying to project? 

Remember, your overall success is largely dependent on your image. Personal branding is the badge you wear for the world to see. 

During the sessions, we shall talk about you, your personality, character, identity capital, self awareness and the actual projection you have for your brand as a whole. Also, the importance of netiquette, as we now live in a digital world.

In addition to all these, I shall also be answering any burning questions you have regarding your brand​

This service requires you to meet me three times. The first session will be 2hrs and subsequent sessions shall be 60mins each.


Book this session and let's answer all these questions and get you looking and acting like the brand that you are.​


Please note, in-person branding session is for Manchester only. If you require an in-person in any other location, please send an email to, stating your location and preferred date.


At the end of the three sessions, there shall be a documentation of everything discussed, to help you stay on track.







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