For every photo, video, comment and tag you make, you’re leaving a trail behind. That trail is what forms your digital footprint. As you are well aware, the world is a different place now,
especially with this Covid-19 pandemic. People are leaning towards doing things virtually.

With your social media footprints, people can tell a lot about your personality and discover things you wouldn't have mentioned in your resume or other documents. Some people have had cases where they’ve lost job opportunities and contracts because of their social media accounts.
This class will give you a practical guide to help you refine your social media footprint, help you be more
proactive and vigilant, so you attract the right attention and not miss out on opportunities.

The duration of this class is 180 minutes. You will learn the following in this class:
1. Colours, Textures and Patterns that work for your hair and clothes.
2. Photos and Videos
3. Storytelling
4. Body Language
5. Bio Update
6. Content
7. How to Clean Up
8. Profile Account Settings
9. Strategic Commenting and many more




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