I know that shopping can be tedious, time-consuming and confusing, so I’m here to help you save time, money and give you a rewarding shopping experience. After shopping, I put together outfits for you. Here, we decide what goes with what, in your wardrobe full of clothes, highlighting missing pieces to make it all work more efficiently and after everything, you gain control and confidence about how your wardrobe works together. It can get very frustrating having a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear. If you’re looking to change that, this service is for you. This service can be done in-person and virtually.
To begin this session, you’ll have a 60-minute consultation with me so I can determine your preferences, style, lifestyle, budget and body type. If you have any budget constraints, please feel free to let me know as it may influence the shops I select for shopping.
Then we have 180 minutes for shopping where all that was discussed in the consultation will be applied. I’ll help you set your fashion trends for you and get you clothes that last for years and years.
After our shopping trip, we’ll have 60 minutes for styling. By the time we’re done, you’ll find it easy to manage a capsule wardrobe allowing you to choose a combination of outfits from key pieces selected by you and me.
At the end of this whole session, you will have a complete wardrobe full of clothes suitable to your lifestyle and clothes you can wear, without the earlier confusion and stress of choosing.






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