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Introducing our Gracious Gems Set, a collection designed to inspire and nurture young hearts and minds. This thoughtfully crafted set includes eight captivating items, each carefully chosen to enrich the lives of children aged 5-12, regardless of gender.


Unveil the beauty of introspection with our charming journal, where young minds can explore their thoughts and feelings. 


Foster a connection with Christian faith and values through the "Fruits of the Spirit" calendar, which guides them on a journey of spiritual growth.


The Emotions Book serves as a companion, helping children understand and navigate their emotions in a healthy way.


Three delightful bookmarks offer the joy of discovering new stories, while the "I Need to Talk to You" cards create bridges of communication between young ones and their loved ones.


Nurturing manners and values becomes effortless with our "Mind Your Manners" card set, gently imparting important life lessons. 


The included prayer card provides a gentle introduction to the power of prayer, encouraging a sense of connection with God.


An assortment of Scripture cards ensures that children are introduced to the timeless wisdom of Biblical teachings.


Crafted with a generous sprinkle of love, our Gracious Gems Set is not merely a collection of items, but a medium to unite families.

It is our sincere prayer that these treasures kindle meaningful interactions, inspire growth, and create cherished memories that will forever bond hearts.

Gracious Gems (White and Pink Journal Set)

Shipment commences on October 9th, 2023
  • Please note, no refund or exchange is permitted on this sale. 

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