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ETIQUETTE 101: How to tip waiters/servers


If there is one thing that this pandemic has made me miss, it will be, going to restaurants. I miss going out, dressing up, going for a drink and all of that. This pandemic really needs to end soon. Well, the part of the whole restaurant experience concerning tipping may not tickle everybody's fancy..lol

Today, we are talking about TIPPING. I see that a lot of us tend to get confused when it comes to tipping people for the services rendered. From deciding how much is enough to tip, who to tip and how to tip.

Countries around the world have unique approaches to tipping. In some Asian countries, tipping is frowned upon as it gives the employers the impression that you don’t think they pay their staff well enough.

So, when you go dining, do you know the procedure for tipping in that country? Here in the UK, tipping is not really expected as it will be elsewhere, it’s an optional thing. Asides that some servers rely on tips to augment their meager wage, as an elegant lady, it is expected that you tip when you have received an excellent service. It shows that you are grateful. However, if you do not have enough money to tip, acknowledge the waiter for a job well done.

So, today, I shall be addressing some areas of concerns regarding tipping waiters/servers:

  1. Must you always tip?

  2. How much should you tip?

  3. How should you tip?

  4. Can you retract a tip?

Like I mentioned earlier, tipping is optional. You do not always have to tip, but you should appreciate excellent service when given.

Now, how much should you tip? I do not think there is a fixed amount of money that you should tip because the tips should depend on how much you can afford and how pleased you are with the service. Most people recommend that you tip between 15-20% of your bill. If you wish to go higher, you can.

Some restaurants already add a service charge/optional charge to your bill, so you may not have to tip the waiter. However, that service charge does not go directly to the waiter. You can ask to not pay the service charge and then If you’re feeling generous, you can tip the waiter in cash. You need to be sure that the restaurant allows tips in cash, so there’s no trouble. When you go to a restaurant with a group of friends, and you need to tip the waiter, each person should include a tip in the bill of their meals. In most cases, when there’s a group of 6 or more people, the bill is not separated and the tip is also added as a service charge to the bill.

Let me share a real-life situation with you. I went to a restaurant with a friend and the waiter assigned to our table was rude and was not serving us well. That put us off, and we got another waiter who treated us well. When we were going to pay, we asked to retract the service charge. So we paid for our meals and tipped the other waiter who treated us well, even when she was not assigned to our table.

Some people say that when you receive poor service, you can give a smaller tip. What I would recommend is this, skip the tip, but don’t end it there. Speak to the manager to let him/her know what the problem was, so that such does not happen again.

Ladies, remember to smile, be kind and treat the waiters with respect. I hope you now have a clearer view on how to tip waiters. If you would love to read more on tipping other service professionals, leave me a comment below.

I look forward to reading from you!

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