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How To Sit Gracefully At Every Occasion

Hi Ladies!!

It turns out my hiatus took longer than expected. I mean, two months and no blog post?!?!

Well, well, well, I’m back for good.

We’ve run through restaurant etiquette, handbag etiquette, houseguest etiquette, virtual meeting etiquette and now we’re down to the etiquette of sitting gracefully. I don’t think it’s news to us that our sitting postures say a lot about our personalities, even before we get the opportunity to speak. You will not want to be misinterpreted because you slouched a bit, right? 

So our sitting postures must always scream elegance. If you would love to be seen as graceful, professional and classy when you’re out in public, this blog post is for you.

Now let’s discuss some tips to help you sit gracefully:

1. Look out for upright chairs

When you enter the venue for your occasion, always look for a chair with an upright position. The upright chairs help you position your body in a way that makes it difficult for you to slouch. That way you’re able to sit up with your shoulders high even when you do not notice. 

2. Avoid the slouch chairs

Make sure to not end up on the slouchy kind of chairs. Sitting in slouchy chairs makes it easy for you to attempt slouching, which will then have you appearing uninterested. But in a case where all the chairs are slouchy, sit at the edge of the chair.

3. Tuck your dress/skirt underneath your thighs

When you’re wearing a knee-length skirt/dress, you’ll need to put your knees together and then tuck your dress/skirt underneath your thighs neatly. Tucking your dress/skirt underneath your thighs prevents your undergarments from showing. 

4. Sit with your legs closed together

There are two ways to place your legs after closing them together. You may decide to have them close together and crossed around your ankle or just place them flat on the ground. You may seem a bit stiff, if you stick to placing your legs flat on the ground, so feel free to slant to the left or right for comfort and flexibility. If you are at an event as a speaker, when sitting in this position, it’s advisable to slant your legs in the direction you’re speaking. This tip does not just apply to skirts/dresses. It applies to pants as well. 

5. Have a scarf to cover your legs

When your dress/skirt is slightly above your knee, it’s not so easy to tuck it under your thighs. In this case, you should have a scarf that you can cover your legs with so you can close your legs together and slant them or cross them around your ankle. The scarf would help protect your thighs and undergarments from being exposed.

6. Wear midi skirts/dresses if you can

With midi skirts/dresses, there’s no worry about exposing your thighs or undergarments. So, if you can do without the above-the-knee skirts/dresses, go for midi length. If you are the type to sit with your legs crossed at the knee, this is easier done when you’re wearing midi length. You should never cross your legs at the knees when you have on something short/above the knee.

And that brings us to the end of this post! I wished it was longer too. 

Not to worry, I’ll be back again with another blog post before the end of the month.

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See you there!

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