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How To Regain Confidence After Weight Gain

Dear elegant lady,

When life happens, sometimes it tends to cause changes in our bodies. The change may come from pregnancy, stress, metabolism, environment, menopause, medication etc. It may result in weight gain or loss.

When you gain weight, you perhaps can’t stand to look at yourself in the mirror or even get on a scale, because it will go downhill from there. I know it’s tough to love your new body after weight gain; I know how much it affects you when clothes you once loved don’t fit anymore. But I need you to stop comparing yourself to others and obsessing over what was, it’s high time you focused on the present.

The truth is, you’re not going to love that new body in one week, you’ll need to go on a journey of self-love to build that confidence you need finally.

I know what it’s like to feel this way and I’ve put together some tips that can help you embrace your new body and be confident in it:

1. Focus on things that make you feel beautiful

There’s no rush with building confidence. Once you’ve accepted the reality and refuse to dwell on the past, your focus changes. If makeup is one thing that makes you feel beautiful, learn new techniques that will bring out unique features from your new body. If it’s smiling for you, don’t stop smiling. Remember our focus is no longer on the past, but on the beauty of the present.

2. Play/try new things on your hair

Changing your hair has a way of causing a dramatic change in your appearance. Think about different hairstyles you can do, you can try a new wig, go natural or even get a hair cut. You can also try changing the colour of your hair. Just make sure that the changes you’re making to your hair enhance your the changes in your new body.

3. Buy some items that make your new body look good

The weight gain may have caused your body to change shape, so not all the items in your wardrobe will fit or even look good on your new body. So you’ll be looking forward to revamping your wardrobe and maybe, discovering your new style. Now, don’t buy with expectations of your past wardrobe in your head, buy items with an open mind. An open mind that embraces the body change and does not assume that old styles can go with the new body. Go for items that will not just make you look good but feel good too.

4. Treat your new body with love and respect

You can’t treat your body with hate and expect to love it. If you choose to love your new body, you’ll not eat or do things that can cause harm to the body. You need to pay attention to your body, for example, you tried a new recipe that made you feel unwell, note it down and try other recipes that make you feel well. I promise you that you’ll love where you’re at and not look down on yourself anymore.

5. Get active in a way that works for you

After many failed attempts at losing weight, I decided to try a dance workout routine and the weight I’ve lost in a month has brought me to my weight goal. Do you know what I did? I found what works for me. A lot of times, we pressure ourselves into diet plans, gym sessions and a few weeks later, you begin to feel like you’ve not done anything. You need to look out for physical activities that work for you. It could be running, walking, jogging, skipping, dancing and whatnot. Don’t box yourself and do what it looks like everyone is doing, free yourself of the pressure, find an activity that you like and can do regularly, then stick with it.

And that’s a wrap! Remember, weight gain is not the end of you, it’s a new journey that you must embrace with confidence. I hope you found this useful. If yes, let me know in the comments and I’d love you to share with me what has helped you be more confident with weight gain.

See you!

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