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Hmm…..networking, let us imagine this scenario.

You are at a work event where there are tons of people from your industry and for you that is a great opportunity to meet some of the people you look up to. Your boss calls you and introduces you to one of your role models, he leaves so you can have the floor.

This is your time to show Mr Jack how much of value you have to offer. Instead, you end up stuttering and repeating Sir, I am your biggest fan, it is a pleasure to finally meet you.

Now, let me remind you that you are not the first to say that to Mr Jack, so he is not impressed.

Let us put it this way, he is used to all that paparazzi. Now, you have lost the chance to make a great impression. The impression you have even made is not a lasting one.

Can we take a few steps back? We are back to square one, you are going for a networking event and you want to make lasting impressions, what then do you do?

At this point, I am guessing that your dressing, makeup, everything about appearance is on check. So let us move to what is next :

1. Research

It is expected that before you go for the event you have done your research,

so you know who is attending, who is speaking and who you are likely to meet.

2. Have an elevator pitch

An elevator pitch is a brief speech that you give to spark the

interest of whoever is attention you are trying to get. You know that brief introduction you

were supposed to give Mr Jack? That is your elevator pitch. You have less than a minute

to sell yourself. So you must never miss that opportunity.

3. Body language

You are not going to be making conversations with everyone at the

event, most people will read your body language and go with whatever it says. You won't

have the time to explain that what your body said was not what you meant. Keep a game

face on, smile at people, make eye contact and ensure that you exude confidence

without even opening your mouth.

4. It is not always about you

No one will listen to you if you keep going on and on about

yourself. Get your ears ready to listen attentively and show interest. There is no point

coming to a networking event if you do not have the intention of meeting and interacting

with people.

Ladies, do not forget that you want to be remembered for the amazing first impression you made and not the mistakes you made. I hope this helps you make first impressions that last and make people want to interact and work with you.

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