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Handbag etiquette when dining out

Hello Elegant Ladies!

I hope you are having an amazing start to your week?

My week started off with me sorting clients orders for dispatch and by the end of the day, I was totally tired.

Today's post is a continuation of the Restaurant Etiquette series I started on my Instagram page @tidemmajewels, where I gave three rules an elegant lady should know.

A lady once asked me if it is right to place your handbag on the table at the restaurant. I have decided to give the answer on here and to give some basic rules you should know about your handbags.

Whatever you do, NEVER place your handbag on the table. It is wrong on every level, regardless of how expensive it is, please keep it off the table.

If you are attending a meeting, networking event or anything of that nature, having the right handbag plays a very huge part in observing the handbag etiquette. Futhermore, the handbags you carry depends on the time of the outing. It can be evening or daytime handbag,


Daytime nandbags are usually bulky, unlike evening bags. The style you carry will be determined by a few factors like your lifestyle. Below are your options:

Option 1: Place your bag on an empty seat next to you

Option 2: Hang it from the corner of your chair

Option 3: If chair are rounded, hanging your handbag might be a problem. So, you can place it discreetly on the floor next to your table.

If in a very tight restaurant, it is advisable you place it under your chair, to avoid it getting in the way of the waiting staff or passers by.

Another option I have seen is having a purse hook which can be carried around and placed at the edge of your table. Check the link and the photo below for an example of this kind of hook.

Handbag hook



These are generally smaller than daytime bags. There are two placement options with these:

Option 1: Place it on your laps and place your napkin over it.

Option 2: Place it behind you in your chair.

Placing your evening bag on the floor is never an option due to its delicate nature and size. They can easily be missed and kicked off.

I understand that some ladies carry smaller bags/ clutch during the day. If this is the case, you could follow the same protocol.

It does not matter the size of the bag you carry, be mindful of the space you have to work with.

To round up this blog post, I want to call your attention to keeping your bag neat at all times. I understand that you have busy schedules.

It is not a good look for a well dressed lady to open her bag and all we see are very old receipts, credit cards and money scattered in the bag, a good bag organiser will be of great help. Ladies, we don’t want your bag looking like an abandoned project.

This takes away from your overall look and how you are perceived.

Ensure you clean both the exterior and interior of your bags. Especially if you’ve had to place your bag on the floor for any reason.

Bag organiser


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