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My Oh Myyyyy! Restroom etiquette is one topic that is not talked about enough. Honestly, there’s so much that goes on in public restrooms. I am sure you can tell where I am headed. Let us take a trip down memory lane.

Have you ever seen people use restrooms then, leave it messy and act like they have no manners? I do not know if it is because of ignorance, rush, upbringing. Whatever is it, we have seen things and they are not cool.

Ladies, restroom etiquette is just as important as your social, business and dining etiquette. If you have not paid attention to it, now is a good time for you to do that.

Now, let me walk you through some basic rules that can guide how you use the restroom while considering others:

Keep track of time

My dear elegant lady, it’s a PUBLIC RESTROOM, not your bathroom. If you are one to sit in the bathroom and scroll through your phone while doing your business, please keep that at home. Imagine this, you are in the queue to use the restroom, and you need to pee. How would you feel if you noticed someone stay in there for 15-25mins doing whatever?

Exactly, you will be livid. Even when you use the mirrors, don’t take too long. It is awkward seeing people queue up behind you while you admire yourself in the mirror. Etiquette is about being considerate of others.

Please remember that you are not the only one using the restroom, do the business you have in there and leave.

Keep the handshakes away from the toilet

When you see someone you know in the restroom, please do away with gestures that require body contact. You can just smile or nod or smile and nod. We both know where those hands have been. Need me to break down all the surfaces you have come in contact with? I knew you would say no.

Even if you already washed your hands, still keep the handshakes for later.

Knock before you enter

Not all public restrooms have doors that indicate the vacancy of the stalls. So that you don’t embarrass yourself and come off as mannerless, do not barge into the stall. Instead, knock on the door, if you don’t hear anything, put your hand on the doorknob and gently turn it to the side. If it budges, then you can go in. If it does no’t, then you know someone is in, and you cannot go in.

If the stall does not have a knob, push the door slightly instead of opening it with force. You are just going to use the bathroom, you are not going to war...

Keep your bag away from the restroom

Ladies, no surface in the restroom is clean enough for you to place your bag. If you can, do not bring your bag with you to the restroom.

If you have to take your bag with you to the restroom, when you are out, please do not put it on the dining table. Asides from the fact that it has come in contact with germs from the restroom, it is not okay to have your bag on the table.

Wash your hands

When you wash your hands, do not just use water. Regardless of what you did in there, please wash your hands with soap and water. After washing your hands, do not splash the water on the floor, instead, get a paper towel or make use of the hand dryer. That way, you have a lesser chance of coming out with germs.

Answer the phone calls later

If you were on an important call before going into the restroom, please save the call for later. You should not go into the restroom answering phone calls or gisting with friends over the phone, whether confidential or not. Nobody needs to know what you’re talking about and neither does the person on the other end of the phone need to hear a loud flush.

Remember that elegant ladies always consider others in everything they do.


I do not think I need to highlight the importance of flushing and making sure it is all gone, or do I need to? Good. I know that you are an elegant lady and you always check that the toilet is clean before stepping out of the stall. Keep it up!

If you enjoyed this blog post, let me know in the comments. I just might write another one on personal bathroom etiquette. If you would like that too, let me know in the comments. I shall be waiting to read from you.

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