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Covid-19: Ten essential tips that help when working from home

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

No doubt, life as we know it, is no longer the same. Even after Covid-19, 100% return to normal is not guaranteed. There is going to be a lot of changes in the job market, talking about work hours. Some employees will prefer working from home, while others will be required to.

Working from home can be fun. One of the greatest merits of working from home is the flexibility of choosing your own working hours. You choose it to match your family and lifestyle requirements. However, to make this work, you would need to get into a routine and make some essential changes.

I have put together a few tips to help you adjust to working from home

Create a Morning Routine

Starting your day right is a vital ingredient for a productive day. The aim of creating a solid morning structure is to ensure you get into work mode.

My morning routine for example is morning devotion, bathing kids, breakfast, dropping them off at school and then work. Yours will depend on how your life is built.

The first step at doing this is to wake up early, when you wake up early, there is time to get into the routine, no rush. With the list I made above, you will see I need time to get it all done.

Focus on the positive

There is a pandemic, yes. That does not mean you should spend your entire day watching the news and monitoring the deaths figures. You should keep an eye, so you do not walk around blind. What you should not do is stay and sleep on the bad news and the discouraging figures. Stuffing your mind with the news is not good for you. It brings about fear, which in turn could lead to depression.

Watch less of the bad news, do more of faith and positive news and programmes. This way, you are in the right frame of mind to handle the demands of this critical period.

Maintain Regular Work hours

Set a schedule and try to stick to it. To maintain a healthy work life balance, it is important to know when to work and when to call it a day. Again, this depends on your job and everything it entails.

If you are like me, who works with different time zones, this might mean extending your day. It could mean starting early or wrapping up early to ensure you have time to rest. It might also mean breaking your work hours into two or three. It all depends on your work demands, lifestyle, family etc.

You could try installing a time tracking app.

Schedule Breaks

Taking breaks is a vital aspect of working from home. That is why you should act and think like you’re actually working from an office outside of your home. Insert break times into your schedule and put a time to these breaks. What you are doing during these breaks is important so you don’t get carried away.

Set rules for people in your space

It is easy to get carried away working from home. Getting into work mode could be a bit unclear to your friends and family, especially, if it is new to them. Let the kids, your husband, boyfriend, your dog know that during certain times, you need to be left alone. They only call you during those times if it’s an emergency.

Eat properly

If you want to remain healthy, remember to eat good and properly. Being at home, it is easier to make the fridge your best friend. This requires proper planning and some amount of discipline. Remember, you cannot work on an empty stomach and you have to eat right.

Have a designated office space

No. I do not mean a whole room with glass doors and all ..lol. I just need you to have a feel like office space around your home or in the corner of your room. This helps you stay in focus. This helps you to set your rules around your work, especially, if you have little children and others..

Look for training opportunities

Don’t just work work work… Create time for learning something new. Especially on your job or business, I am sure there are new things to learn. There are better ways of doing what you do now. And for hobbies, you can learn new stuff like baking, how to do your eyebrows or how to get better in your favourite game etc

Dress up

You obviously saw this coming…Don’t stay in your pjs all day darling. Wear something decent, put on some light make up on some days. When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you work good.

Make it personal and communicate

Create a schedule that works for you and enjoy it. Make sure you communicate your available times and schedule to those around you and those who need to know.

I hope you’ve found this helpful.


How did I do on my first blog? Please, let me know in the comment section below.

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