• Remi

8 Timeless Pieces To Have In The Autumn

Hi Ladies!

Autumn is finally here! It is that time of the season where the weather is in the middle. Personally speaking, it is my favourite time of the year. 

This period, neutral colours are at their best and layering comes to play too. The beauty of autumn is not just in the crunchy leaves on the ground. For me, it’s the neutral tones everywhere from sand to camel, down to beige, brown and grey. I have put together some pieces that you should have in your autumn wardrobe.

Classic Trenchcoat

Thinking classic, chic and timeless? What you need is a trenchcoat. You can layer, stay warm and still look stylish. When picking a colour for your trenchcoat, start with camel colour or black. Neutral colours look great on everyone, so do not be afraid to experiment with the different shades in the neutral tone till. Trenchcoats are timeless pieces, so they will always come in handy.

Fedora Hat

This should be your go-to when you are looking for something that can elevate your look in a split second. You can put a fedora hat on a casual look to give you a sophisticated look. Asides from making you stylish, fedora hats also keep your head warm when it gets chilly. When picking fedora hats, always start with neutral tones like dark grey, black, etc.

Long Sleeve Dress

The thing with autumn is, it can be chilly in the morning and be hot in the day. So, having a piece that can take you through the day without any form of inconvenience is essential. This is a beautiful time to wear your floral pieces while rightly layering and accessorising. Knitted dresses and sweater dresses are excellent choices too.

Tall boots

Your tall boots do not have to be heels. All you need to do is find a pair that suits your style and complements your look. When it gets chilly, tall boots help you keep your legs warm and stylish. Autumn shows the versatile nature of tall boots. With the right style in mind, they can be worn to work, on the weekends and even night outs.

Knit Jumper

Knit jumpers are ideal for the season. They keep you warm and have you looking elegant. When you are shopping for jumpers, go for the ones made with cashmere or wool. Pick nice warm colours, pastel colours, white or light grey.

Leather jacket

Leather jackets help you tie up your outfit when you are layering. They are functional pieces and can be worn throughout the year. Leather jackets never go out of style and are best in autumn because they are not heavy. So when it gets hot, it can be folded away. Then it comes in handy when you need a snide cover-up.