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This service is designed to help the timeless woman present herself in the right way and help her become more polished in her manners. Not just for herself, but, her business, career and her social life.


  1. Dining Etiquette: Here, you’ll be trained on, comportment, posture, table manners, setting the table, body language, eating styles and general dining etiquette.

  2. Social Etiquette: Restaurant & Tea etiquette, Deportment, Body Language, How to enter & exit a car, How to be a great hostess, Crafting your first impression, How to ascend & descend stairs and How to walk appropriately in heels.

  3. Business Etiquette: Maintaining professional conduct, workplace etiquette, meeting etiquette and communication etiquette.​

This is a prerecorded course that can be purchased anytime. For personalised or group bookings, please send us a message using the form below.

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