This is a group course designed to teach young girls within the ages 7-17 etiquette skills to help them treat people with respect and act gracefully and confidently at all times.

For the girls between the ages of 7 and 12, I have:


​General Etiquette

This is a combination of everyday etiquette and dining etiquette. Everyday etiquette is nothing more than being polite and showing consideration for others at all times. I’ll be teaching the kids how to make good impressions, comportment, posture and communication etiquette. Having good table manners isn’t just about using the cutlery appropriately. It entails showing proper courtesy and consideration of everyone around you. I’ll be teaching the kids posture, proper mannerisms, place setting, the right kind of conversations to have.

  • 60 minutes per session 

  • A total of two sessions over two days

  • Two sessions cost £100 per child

  • This is a virtual session

Please note:

This price is for group bookings only. For group, one-on-one or physical sessions, please send us an email.