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Clarity Session IV

Welcome to Clarity Session IV. A dynamic annual event designed to kickstart your year on a spiritually and mentally uplifting note. 


Remi Tidémma is a dedicated Unburdening and Identity Restoration Specialist, with over six years of experience. Her unwavering commitment to helping women from diverse age groups find relief and rediscover their true selves has made her a trusted figure in this field.


Beyond her professional accomplishments, Oluremi is a loving wife and a devoted mother to three wonderful children. Her personal and family life reflects her values of compassion, support, and resilience, which she extends to her clients in their journey towards unburdening and identity restoration.


Oluremi's wealth of experience and her genuine care for the well-being of others make her a beacon of hope and healing for those she serves. Her work is not just a profession but a passion, and her impact is felt deeply by the women whose lives she touches.


Here's what you can expect from this year's session:


Self-Awareness: Gain deeper insights into yourself, fostering personal growth and understanding.


Identity Capital Discovery: Explore and invest in your unique qualities and strengths, unlocking your full potential.


Mental Health Navigation: Learn practical strategies to cope with and overcome challenges such as trauma, anxiety, and depression.


Dealing with Stress and Discouragement: Equip yourself with tools to handle the pressures of life, especially during waiting seasons.


Vision Board Exploration: Understand the power of visualizing your goals and dreams, and discover if a vision board is right for you.


Navigating Friendships: Build meaningful connections and navigate the complexities of relationships.


Sustainable Prayer Life: Deepen your spiritual journey by developing a prayer routine that fits your life.


But don't just take our word for it; read reviews from participants of last year's session to hear firsthand experiences and the positive impact Clarity Session has had on their lives.


This virtual event is not just an opportunity to start your year right with God and Clarity but also a chance to connect, learn, and grow in a practical and interactive setting. Join us for an enriching experience that can set the tone for your year ahead.

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