This is a 5-day service that combines the consultation, wardrobe edit, shop and style service.  I
have carefully put this service together for the elegant woman who wants to bring out her inner
beauty and do a detailed image revamp. I’ve done a breakdown to give you an idea of what to
Day 1- Consultation: The consultation lasts 120 minutes, and we get to discuss some challenges
you’re currently facing, your lifestyle, needs, budget, face shape, body shape and your type of
Day 2- Wardrobe Edit: Here, we look at what needs to get out, what can be kept and what
should enter. This session lasts 180 minutes.
Day 3- Personal Shop: This shopping experience will help you set your trends and go for
clothing items that are of good quality and can stand the test of time. Because we’re shopping
with a mindset and a moodboard, time is saved, and you’ll start feeling like you’re doing
something right. We have 240 minutes for this session.
Day 4- Hair & Makeup: The 360 revamp does not leave out your hair and makeup. The hairstylist will create looks to go with your style, while the makeup artist will show you how to enhance your best facial features. This makeover session lasts 180 minutes.
Day 5- Styling: I’ll spend 120 minutes teaching you how to style your new wardrobe, how to put pieces together and how to make good use of your new wardrobe.
Please note, this service is strictly in-person and price is for Manchester only. For other locations, please fill in the form below.




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